1988 - 2002

20MAR88 First Ansett Departure from New Airport VH-ANA
Boeing 727-277 VH-ANA operated AN77 to SYD at 0635 from Runway 19.
20MAR88 First Australian Airlines Departure from New Airport VH-TBG
Boeing 727-276 VH-TBG operated TN411 to SYD at 0645 from Runway 19.
28MAR88 Inaugural Qantas/Solomon Islands Airlines Service DQ-FDM
Air Pacific Boeing 737-2X2 DQ-FDM operated QF/IE701/700 BNE-HIR-BNE under charter.
01APR88 First Regular Scheduled Japan Airlines Service JA8114
Boeing 747 JA8114 operated JL1771 NRT-BNE-SYD and the return service JL778 SYD-BNE-NRT which departed BNE at 0123 01APR88.
02APR88 Inaugural Air Vanuatu/Australian Airlines Boeing 737 Service VH-TAK
Australian Airlines Boeing 737 VH-TAK operated NF161 VLI-BNE-SYD.
02JUN88 East-West Airlines Returned to Norfolk Island VH-EWD
Fokker F-28 VH-EWD.
11JUL88 Lockheed PV-1 Ventura N159U
The aircraft arrived from HIR in RAAF markings as A59-67 on delivery to the RAAF Museum. The aeroplane later became VH-SFF.

22JUL88 Air Caledonie Relief Caravelle F-GFBA
The aircraft returned to service while F-GEPC was undergoing maintenance.
26AUG88 Air Caledonie Relief Caravelle Operated its Last Service F-GFBA
Caravelle F-GFBA operated its last service for Air Caledonie.
02SEP88 Air Caledonie Caravelle Returned to Service F-GEPC
Air Caledonie's own aircraft returned to service after maintenance.
20OCT88 First Qantas Boeing 767-338 VH-OGA
The aircraft operated a training flight SYD-BNE-SYD as QF113/114.
28OCT88 First Regular Scheduled Qantas Boeing 767-338 VH-OGA
Operated QF58/QF55 WLG-BNE-CHC.
31OCT88 First Regular Scheduled Continental Flight N13066
DC-10 N13066 operated CO10 CNS-BNE-HNL.
03DEC88 Last Air Caledonie Caravelle Flight F-GEPC
Air Caledonie International's last Caravelle flight from BNE was operated by F-GEPC "Marina". After leaving Air Caledonie, "Marina" sadly fell upon hard times. On 04NOV95 the aeroplane landed heavily damaging its nosewheel during a night landing on a dry lake bed in Mexico. After the landing, a group of armed men unloaded the cargo of cocaine and ripped out the avionics. They then cut off the wings and attempted to destroy the aircraft with explosives. Subsequently they drove a bulldozer over the wreckage which they partially covered with desert sand. (Report: Aviation Letter - December 95). A sad end for a lovely aeroplane!
09DEC88 First Air Caledonie International Boeing 737 F-GFUC
The aircraft was operated by Aeromaritime on behalf of Air Caledonie International.
11MAR89 Last Air Niugini Airbus A300 P2-ANG
Operated PX4 SYD-BNE-POM.
12MAR89 First Air Niugini Airbus A310 P2-ANA
P2-ANA "City of Port Moresby" operated PX4 SYD-BNE-POM.
13JUN89 Ansett BAe 146-200QT Entered Service VH-JJY
Ansett's BAe146-200QT freighter operated its first service to Mackay, Townsville and Cairns.
15JUL89 Lockheed P2V7 Neptune Arrived N8187Z
Ex Aeronavale Neptune 147566 arrived from NAN on delivery to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) of Sydney. Later VH-LRR.
15JUL89 Last Air Caledonie/Aeromaritime Flight F-GFUC
Boeing 737 F-GFUC operated SB150/151 NOU-BNE-NOU.
23JUL89 Air Caledonie Boeing 737 Entered Service F-ODGX
Air Caledonie International's own Boeing 737 operated SB150/151 NOU-BNE-NOU.
31AUG89 First Boeing 747-400 G-BNLA
British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BNLA "City of London" operated BA11/BA12 SYD-BNE-SYD.
18SEP89 Hover Mirage Services Ceased -
Hovercraft services from Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast were terminated.

22SEP89 First Qantas Boeing 747-400 VH-OJA
Qantas Boeing 747-438 VH-OJA "City of Canberra" operated a training flight QF9502/9503 SYD-BNE-SYD.
25SEP89 First Boeing 737 Service Across the Tasman ZK-NAT
Air New Zealand Boeing 737-219 ZK-NAT substituted for the normal Boeing 767 operating TE132 BNE-AKL.
04NOV89 First Air Niugini Boeing 737 G-BTEB
The aircraft, leased from TEA of the UK, operated PX5/6 POM-BNE-POM.
18DEC89 First Widebody to Honiara, Solomon Islands VH-OGB
Qantas Boeing 767-338 VH-OGB operated a special flight QF721/722 SYD-BNE-HIR-BNE-SYD.
01FEB90 British Airways TriStar Royal Flight G-BHBO
British Airways Lockheed L-1011 TriStar G-BHBO "The Morning Jewel Rose" transited Brisbane with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II en route to the Commonwealth Games in Auckland, N.Z. The aircraft returned from N.Z. on 16FEB90 en route to London, again with Her Majesty on board.
03MAR90 Last Air Niugini Boeing 737 Service G-BTEB
Operated PX5/PX6 POM-BNE-POM.
09APR90 "Southern Cross" Replica Arrived VH-USU
The "New Bus" arrived from NLK returning from a fundraising tour of New Zealand. The aircraft later positioned to Archerfield for maintenance.
13APR90 Beech Baron Crashed VH-TSM
Beech Baron VH-TSM crashed on the disused Runway 04 after striking a light pole on Lomandra Drive. The aircraft was attempting a landing on the old runway which was bisected by Lomandra Drive when the new airport opened.
03JUN90 First Qantas/Ansett Flight to Honiara VH-CZC
Ansett Boeing 737-377 VH-CZC operated QF471/QF472 BNE-HIR-BNE under charter to Qantas.
05JUN90 First Solomon Island Airlines Flight H4-SAL
Boeing 737-2T5 H4-SAL "Guadalcanal" operated IE700 HIR-BNE and IE701 BNE-HIR on 06JUN. The aeroplane was delivered through BNE on 21MAY.
06JUL90 Last Air Pacific Boeing 737-200 DQ-FDM
DQ-FDM "Island of Vanua Levu" operated FJ575 BNE-NAN. The aircraft was subsequently sold to ARAMCO as N719A.
09JUL90 First Air Pacific Boeing 767 DQ-FJA
Boeing 767 DQ-FJA "Island of Vanua Levu" operated FJ574/FJ575 NAN-BNE-NAN. This aeroplane was previously ZK-NBD with Air New Zealand.
17AUG90 First MIL Mi-26 Helicopter CCCP-06029
This giant helicopter of Aeroflot positioned from a Russian ship in the Brisbane River. It departed for CNS on 18AUG.
17OCT90 "Southern Cross" Replica VH-USU
Arrived for a commemorative ceremony.
01NOV90 First Regular Scheduled Malaysian Airlines Flight 9M-MAV
DC-10 9M-MAV operated MH27 KUL-BNE-AKL.
10NOV90 First Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400 ZK-NBT
Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBT operated NZ131/NZ138 AKL-BNE-AKL.
01DEC90 First Compass Service VH-YMK
Airbus A300 VH-YMK departed for SYD at 0749. This aeroplane was delivered ex SIN on 19NOV.
12JAN91 Air Niugini's Second A310 P2-ANG
Air Niugini's second A310 operated PX5/PX6 POM-BNE-POM.
13JAN91 First Antonov An-124 Ruslan CCCP-82008
At the time the world's largest aircraft, this Antonov Design Bureau/Air Foyle example arrived from DRW and departed for NOU the following day. The aircraft damaged a wheel on landing and this wheel is now on display at the Queensland Air Museum in Caloundra.
01MAR91 Norfolk Island Airlines Ceased Operations -
Norfolk Island Airlines ceased operations on this date.
14JUN91 First Regular Scheduled Garuda Flight F-ODSX
Airbus A300 F-ODSX arrived from JKT and DPS as GA884 and departed for SYD as GA885.
15JUL91 First Regular Scheduled Qantas Boeing 747-400 VH-OJK
Boeing 747-438 VH-OJK operated QF27 SYD-BNE-HKG. Earlier, VH-OJB operated QF50 NGO-BNE-SYD on 10AUG90 but this is believed to have been a substitution.
10AUG91 First Regular Scheduled United Service N176UA
Boeing 747-422 N176UA operated UA815/UA816 LAX-SYD-BNE-SYD-LAX.
19AUG91 First Regular Scheduled Garuda DC-10 PK-GIA
DC-10s replaced Airbus A300s on Garuda services.
25AUG91 Compass Airbus Delivered VH-YMB
Compass Airbus A300 VH-YMB arrived from SIN.
25AUG91 First Air New Zealand Boeing 767-300 ZK-NCE
Boeing 767-319 ZK-NCE operated NZ131/NZ138 AKL-BNE-AKL.
11SEP91 Antonov An-12 LZ-SGA
An-12 of Sigi Air arrived from DRW with a load of detonators. The aircraft returned to DRW the same day. Believed first of type for BNE.
14OCT91 First Australia Asia Airlines Service VH-OGA
Boeing 767-338 VH-OGA operated IM836 TPE-BNE-SYD.
14NOV91 Lockheed Lodestar Arrived N56LH
Lodestar N56LH arrived from the U.S. and departed for SYD on 15NOV91.
20DEC91 Compass Operations Ceased VH-YMA, VH-YMB, VH-YMJ
Three aircraft were grounded in BNE. The following details are extracted from "Right from Day One - The Story of Compass Airlines" by Noel Oxlade.

A300B4-605R VH-YMA YM332 SYD
A300B4-605R VH-YMB YM654 ADL
A300B4-605R VH-YMJ YM358 MEL

22DEC91 Ilyushin Il-76 Visited CCCP-76822
The aircraft arrived to collect Compass' spare A300 engine.
14JAN92 Boeing 737 Service to Norfolk Island VH-CZF
Ansett Boeing 737-377 VH-CZF operated what was believed to have been the first B737 flight BNE-NLK, substituting for the normal F-28. However, a Boeing demonstrator had visited Australia and Norfolk Island twenty years earlier. Boeing 737-222 N1359B, which was gravel-kitted and painted in Boeing house colours, was on a sales tour arriving in Sydney from Port Moresby on 15 February 1972 and operating a return service to Norfolk Island on 17 February 1972. The aircraft was the first Boeing 737 to visit Australia. In 1974, this 737 was sold to NZNAC as ZK-NAM.
03FEB92 Compass Aircraft Departed Australia N165PL, N166PL, G-MONR
Three Compass Airbus A300 departed for SIN after the collapse of Compass.
N165PL ex VH-YMA departed at 1231
N166PL ex VH-YMB departed at 1232
G-MONR ex VH-YMJ departed at 1657
25MAR92 Boeing 747 Arrived for Storage N727PA
An ex-Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-212B belonging to Potomac Capital arrived from SYD for storage pending sale. The aircraft departed on 03JUN92 direct to Norton Air Force Base in the U.S.
01APR92 Last Regular Scheduled Japan Airlines DC-10 JA8542
JA8542 operated JAL's last regular DC-10 service although there have been subsequent substitutions and charters.
02APR92 First JAL Service Operated by Qantas Aircraft VH-EBX
JL776 BNE-CNS-NRT was operated by Qantas Boeing 747-338 VH-EBX in JAL colours.
15APR92 Lockheed Lodestar Visited N56LH
The Lodestar called at BNE for fuel en route New Zealand for the Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow.
18MAY92 Lockheed Lodestar Returned N56LH
The Lodestar returned to Australia after its New Zealand visit. The aeroplane was re-registered VH-XUS and subsequently sold in New Zealand.
20MAY92 Solomon Island Airlines First Boeing 737-400 Service H4-SOL
Solair's new Boeing 737-400 entered service on this date.
04JUL92 Boeing 727 Engine Fire VH-ANA
Ansett Boeing 727-277 VH-ANA experienced an engine fire on take-off and returned safely to BNE. The aeroplane was test flown after repairs on 31AUG92.
06AUG92 Compass MD-83 Delivered VH-LNH
MD-83 VH-NLH was delivered to Southern Cross/Compass.
08AUG92 Last de Havilland Comet XV814
Comet 4 XV814 (ex G-APDF of BOAC) operated by the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough visited BNE as part of a round-world "farewell" flight.
09AUG92 Last Qantas/Ansett Charter to Solomons VH-CZC
Ansett Boeing 737-377 VH-CZC operated the last charter to Qantas as QF471/QF472 BNE-HIR-BNE.
17AUG92 Short Belfast Visited G-BEPS
Heavylift Belfast G-BEPS is believed to have been the first visit to BNE by this type.
31AUG92 Compass/Southern Cross Commenced Operations VH-LNI
Compass/Southern Cross commenced operations when MD-83 VH-LNI operated from Sydney to Brisbane.
08OCT92 Ilyushin IL-18 Visited LZ-BEA
The aircraft operated by Balkan arrived from DRW with a load of explosives. Originally thought to have been the first visit by this type, it is now known that the first IL-18 to visit Brisbane was CCCP74256 of Aeroflot on 25MAY68
31OCT92 First Air Pacific Boeing 737-500 DQ-FJB
Boeing 737-5YO DQ-FJB "Island of Taveuni" operated FJ574/FJ575 NAN-BNE-NAN.
30DEC92 Last Australian Airlines Boeing 727 VH-TBR
Boeing 727-276 VH-TBR operated Australian Airlines' last B727 service from BNE as TN66 BNE-MEL.
31JAN93 First Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 VR-HOT
The first Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 operated HKG-BNE-HKG.
11MAR93 Compass/Southern Cross Ceased Operations VH-LNK
When operations ceased, the only aircraft in BNE was MD-83 VH-LNK which positioned BNE-OOL-MEL on 19MAR93.
03JUN93 First Thai Airways International MD-11 HS-TME
The aircraft arrived from BKK-SYD and departed for SYD-BKK on the following day.
12JUN93 Antonov An-12 Arrived RA-11324
The aircraft arrived on delivery to Modmark Aviation to be based at BNE as a freighter.
20JUL93 First Regular Scheduled Korean Air Service HL7457
Boeing 747SP HL7457 operated KE673 SEL-BNE-SYD.
31AUG93 First Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 9V-SMQ
Operated SQ227 SIN-MEL-BNE and SQ228 BNE-MEL-SIN.
22SEP93 First Regular Scheduled EVA Air Service B-16605
Boeing 767-35E operated EVA Air's first service to/from TPE.
28OCT93 First Malaysian Airways Boeing 747-400 9M-MPB
28OCT93 Last Continental Service N68041
Operated SYD-BNE-GUM.
31JAN94 Last United Service N189UA
Boeing 747-422 operated United's last BNE service.
12MAR94 Last Philippine Airlines DC-10 RP-C2003
Operated PR214 SYD-BNE-MNL.
30MAY94 First ACARS Loadsheet G-BNLH
British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BNLH. This was the first occasion in Brisbane where a loadsheet was transmitted to the aircraft via ACARS/Satellite link.
17JUN94 First Service by Solomon Airlines Boeing 737-300 VH-TJB
Boeing 737-376 VH-TJB "Guadalcanal" leased from Qantas operated its first service BNE-HIR as IE701.
30AUG94 First Ansett Boeing 747 VH-INJ
Boeing 747-312 VH-INJ leased from Singapore Airlines.
30SEP94 First Air Pacific Boeing 767-3X2 DQ-FJC
Boeing 767-3X2 DQ-FJC "Island of Vanua Levu"
04OCT94 First Diversion to Amberley VH-EAA
Qantas Boeing 747SP-38 VH-EAA operating QF52 SIN-BNE was required to divert to RAAF Amberley because of fog at BNE. Although there had been occasional diversions to OOL, this is believed to have been the first diversion to RAAF Amberley.
17OCT94 First Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 F-WWKU
The aircraft arrived from ADL on a proving flight and operated CX9874 to SYD the following day.
01NOV94 First Regular Scheduled All Nippon Service JA8323
Boeing 767-381ER JA8323 operated NH115 KIX-BNE-SYD
14FEB95 First Visit by Air Pacific Boeing 737-300 DQ-FJD
Boeing 737-33A DQ-FJD carries Royal Tongan colours on the right side and Air Pacific colours on the left side.
11APR95 Aircraft Towed to New International Terminal VH-OGM, N124KK
Qantas Boeing 767-338 VH-OGM and Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-312 N124KK were towed to the new terminal for photo purposes. The aircraft were then towed back to the old terminal.
24AUG95 First Service by Kiwi International N805EA
Boeing 727-225 N805EA leased from Av Atlantic operated Kiwi's first service to BNE. The aircraft operated its last service for Kiwi on 23NOV95.
24AUG95 Aircraft Towed to New Terminal VH-EBS
Qantas Boeing 747-238B VH-EBS was towed to the new terminal for trials.
11SEP95 Last departure from Temporary ITB VH-TJC
Boeing 737-376 VH-TJC operated Solair flight IE701 to HIR with 114 passengers. Flown by Captain Maurice Ritchie and F/O Chick Williams. After 1.4 hours airborne the aircraft turned back with a technical issue. The aircraft departed again for HIR at 2011 local. (Source: Log Book of Capt Maurice Ritchie)
11SEP95 Last arrival at Temporary ITB VH-EBT
Qantas Boeing 747-338 VH-EBT arrived from SYD as QF112 at 2341 with 59 passengers. The aircraft was subsequently towed to the new terminal from where it was scheduled to depart for CNS as QF69 at 0845 on 12SEP.
12SEP95 Opening of New International Terminal VH-EBW
First arrival was Qantas Boeing 747-338 VH-EBW operating QF52 from SIN arriving at 0450. QF52 became the first departure when it left for SYD at 0645.
01OCT95 Pacific Air Freighters DC-4 Entered Service VH-PAF
The DC-4 operated its first service to NOU and return.
07NOV95 Tupolev Tu-154M visited RA-85759
The aircraft was positioning a replacement ships crew to N.Z. Believed to have been the first of type for BNE.
24NOV95 Kiwi International's First Boeing 757 G-OOOU
Not known if this was to BNE or SYD. The aircraft operated its last flight for Kiwi (to SYD) on 01MAY96 and departed on return to Air 2000 of the U.K. the following day
16DEC95 First Service by Freedom Air International G-BYAF
Freedom Air operated their first flight to BNE with Boeing 757-28A G-BYAF leased from Britannia Airways of the U.K.
06JAN96 First Philippine Airlines (MEA) Boeing 747 N204AE
To cover a capacity shortfall, a Boeing 747-2B4B N204AE was leased from Middle East Airlines of Lebanon.
18FEB96 First Boeing 777 VR-HNB
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 VR-HNB operated a proving flight SYD-BNE-SYD.
24APR96 First Service by Charrak Electra N360Q
Charrack Air's Electra freighter operated its first service to BNE.
26APR96 Last Flight by Freedom Air Boeing 757 G-BYAF
The Boeing 757 operated its last Freedom service AKL-BNE-AKL after which it was returned to Britannia Airways of the U.K.
27APR96 First Visit by Freedom Air Boeing 737 N371TA
Boeing 737-3S1 N371TA leased from TACA of El Salvador, operated HLZ-BNE.
30MAY96 First Visit by Kiwi International Airbus A320 S7-RGX
Aircraft was leased from Oryx of Japan via Regionair of Singapore.
10JUN96 Lockheed Super Constellation VH-EAG
Super Constellation VH-EAG "Southern Preservation" owned and operated by the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) arrived from Longreach. The aircraft was opened for public inspection and departed for Coolangatta the following morning. Who would have predicted that historians would be recording a flight from Longreach to Brisbane by a Super Connie in 1996?

15JUN96 Last Philippine Airlines (MEA) Boeing 747 N204AE
Marked the end of the Middle East Airlines lease.
26JUN96 Kiwi International Boeing 737 Delivered TF-ABK
Boeing 737-3YO leased from Air Atlanta Icelandic via Aviareps was delivered through BNE.
29JUN96 First Philippine Airlines (World Airways) MD-11 N277WA
To cover a capacity shortfall, Philippine Airlines leased an MD-11 from World Airways.
09SEP96 Kiwi International's Last Flight S7-RGX
Airbus A320 S7-RGX operated Kiwi's last flight (anywhere) HLZ-BNE. The aircraft departed BNE for DPS the following day.
13SEP96 Kiwi International Boeing 737 Returned TF-ABK
The Boeing 737 departed BNE on return to its owner. The aircraft arrived the previous day to have all its Kiwi markings removed in the Qantas hangar.
19SEP96 First (and Last) Visit by Concorde G-BOAF
British Airways Concorde G-BOAF on a round-world "cruise" was required to call at BNE en route SYD-GUM due adverse conditions in SYD. Concorde departed with 97 passengers plus 10 crew. Take-off weight was 181581 kgs, approximately half of which was fuel (90000 kgs). It was reported that at the limit of BNE radar, Concorde was at 64000 feet doing 1003 mph!

12NOV96 Pacific Air Express Boeing 727 Entered Service H4-PAE
Boeing 727-281F H4-PAE operated its first service BNE-HIR-BNE.
31DEC96 First Airbus A340 A40-LD
The aircraft which was leased from Gulf Air operated Philippine Airlines service PR213/PR214 MNL-BNE-SYD-MNL.
29MAR97 Last Philippine Airlines (Gulf Air) A340 A40-LD
Operated PR214 SYD-BNE-MNL. Marked the end of the Gulf Air lease.
01APR97 First Philippine Airlines A340 F-OHPG
The first operation by a Philippine Airlines A340.
04APR97 Last Freedom Air TACA B737 N371TA
Freedom Air operated its last flight to Brisbane with the B737-3S1 N371TA leased from TACA of El Salvador. The aircraft operated HLZ-BNE-HLZ.
06APR97 First Service by Freedom Air's "Own" B737 ZK-FDM
Boeing 737-3M8 ZK-FDM leased from TEA of Switzerland operated its first flight to Brisbane. Flight SJ315 arrived from HLZ at 0045.
07APR97 Brisbane's Heaviest Take-Off VH-OJP
Qantas Boeing 747-438 VH-OJP operated QF8707 BNE-LAX direct after the Gold Coast Indy race.
Actual Take-Off Weight: 396736 kg
Max Permissible TOW: 396893 kg
Fuel: 159000 kg
Trip Fuel: 144400 kg
Passengers: 373
With the increasing frequency of visits by An-124 Ruslans, it is becoming more difficult to monitor this record but this claim is believed to be valid as of July 1998.
25MAY97 Last Philippine Airlines (World Airways) MD-11 N276WA
Marked the end of the World Airways lease period. Several aircraft were used at various times during the lease.
31MAY97 Inaugural Norfolk Jet Express service VH-NJD
BAe 146-100 VH-NJD "Jade" operated the inaugural NJE service NC087 BNE-NLK departing at 0930. The aeroplane was leased from National Jet Systems and named after the daughter of the Chairman of Norfolk Jet Express. The aircraft had operated a proving flight to NLK and return on 15MAY97.
01JUL97 Inaugural Flight West service to Norfolk Island VH-EWC
Flight West operated their inaugural service YC837 BNE-NLK using Fokker F-28-4000 VH-EWC named "Wing Commander R.H. "Bobby" Gibbes".
22SEP97 Inaugural China Southern Airlines Service B-2054
The service CAN-BNE-CAN was operated by a Boeing 777 although all subsequent services were by Boeing 767-300
27OCT97 First Regular Scheduled Mandarin Airlines Service B-1880
The SYD-BNE-TPE service was operated by Boeing 747SP B-1880.
09FEB98 First Regular Scheduled Boeing 777 9M-MRA
Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 9M-MRA operated MH135/MH134 KUL-BNE-KUL.
13APR98 Second Brisbane Visit by "Connie" VH-EAG
The HARS Super Constellation VH-EAG "Southern Preservation" arrived from Longreach and departed for SYD later the same day. The aeroplane was open for public inspection during its stay in BNE.
13APR98 Last China Southern Airlines Service B-2565
The last service for China Southern was CZ325/CZ326 CAN-BNE-CAN operated by Boeing 767-31B B-2565.
29APR98 Air Vanuatu Last Service by Qantas Aircraft VH-TJI
Qantas Boeing 737 VH-TJI operated NF23 VLI-BNE.
02MAY98 Philippine Airlines' Last Boeing 747 N207AE
Boeing 747-211B N207AE operated Philippine Airlines' last Boeing 747 service to BNE.
05MAY98 Air Vanuatu First Service by Own Aircraft YJ-AV18
Boeing 737-3Q8 Operated NF20/NF21 VLI-BNE-VLI.
30MAY98 First Singapore Airlines Airbus A340 9V-SJC
Operated a special flight SIN-BNE-SIN.
04JUN98 Last Philippine Airlines Service F-OHPG
Philippine Airlines' final service to BNE was operated by Airbus A340 F-OHPG, almost 17 years to the day since their inaugural BNE service on 06JUN81. Philippine Airlines' withdrawal from all Australian routes was precipitated by a pilots' strike and economic circumstances.
30JUN98 "Last" Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 9V-SMP
The last planned B747-400 flight to BNE. Subsequent flights were by B777. This turned out to be a seasonal adjustment, as B747-400 returned to the route on 09NOV98 operating through the peak period but with occasional B777 substitutions. As this is likely to be an ongoing situation, future substitutions will not be recorded.
01JUL98 First Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 9V-SRA
Operated SQ235/SQ236 SIN-BNE-SIN.
21JUL98 Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 Vandalised B-HIE
Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 B-HIE, which arrived in BNE for storage on 23MAY98, was sprayed with graffiti. Several days later, police arrested a man and a youth. The aircraft departed for HAECO's China base on 03AUG98, the graffiti having been successfully removed.
30SEP98 First Boeing 737-700 DQ-FJF
Air Pacific's first Boeing 737-7X2 DQ-FJF operated FJ921/FJ920 NAN-BNE-NAN. The aircraft was delivered to Nadi on 28SEP98 and is the first of type in the region. The aeroplane was subsequently named "Island of Koro" (It was not carrying a name on its first visit).
13JUN99 First Boeing 737-800 DQ-FJG
Air Pacific's first Boeing 737-8X2 DQ-FJG operated FJ921/FJ920 NAN-BNE-NAN.
31JUL99 EVA Air First Boeing 747-400 N408EV
EVA Air's first Boeing 747-400 visited on this date.
31JUL99 Ron Cuskelly Retires from Qantas -
Ron Cuskelly, author of "Squawk Ident", retires from Qantas after 31 years service. Civil aviation chaos predicted. Author appeals for intelligence to maintain "Squawk Ident". Correspondents remind author that intelligence was never previously a requirement.
19MAR00 Global Air Leasing Boeing 747SP arrived N142SW
Boeing 747SP-27 N142SW arrived from Tokyo on delivery to Global Air Leasing Pty Ltd for charter and possible wet lease. The aircraft, which was painted in basic China Airlines livery, was stored at the old ITB pending issue of a CofA. The aircraft was subsequently re-registered VH-OZX.
02JUN00 First Virgin Express Boeing 737 EI-TVA
Virgin Express Boeing 737-43Q EI-TVA arrived in Brisbane from Darwin. It was subsequently painted in Virgin Blue colours and re-registered VH-VGA.
10JUL00 First Virgin Blue flight VH-VGA
Virgin Blue Boeing 737-43Q VH-VGA operated a "mystery flight" from Brisbane to Maroochydore for the media and invited guests. In a ceremony prior to departure, the aircraft was named "Blue Belle".
28AUG00 First Impulse Airlines B717 flight VH-AFR
Impulse Airlines operated their inaugural jet service from Brisbane with Boeing 717-23S VH-AFR. The flight, which was destined for Sydney, returned to the terminal to offload a rowdy rock group. The departure was given the traditional water salute by fire tenders.
31AUG00 First Virgin Blue revenue service VH-VGA
Virgin Blue operated their first regular service with Boeing 737-43Q VH-VGA. The flight, which was destined for Sydney, was delayed because of an apparent problem with one of the doors. The departure was given the traditional water salute by fire tenders.
28OCT00 Last British Airways service G-CIVW
British Airways operated their last service from Brisbane with Boeing 747-436 G-CIVW which operated the BA16 to Singapore and London. The flight was under the command of Captain Arthur Cobley and the Cabin Service Director was Herbert Wolsey. As the aircraft pushed back, a lone piper played and a group of airport workers who had been associated with British Airways over the years sang "Auld Lang Syne". (British Airways began regular operations to Brisbane in 1963 with Comets). Fire tenders provided the traditional water salute as the aeroplane cleared the international apron. The day marked the end of an era for British Airways' long-serving and much respected Airport Manager, Guy Mauger, who will be remembered for his sense of history and sense of occasion.
01MAY01 First Boeing 737-7Q8 for Virgin Blue VH-VBA
The first Boeing 737-700 series on the Australian Register arrived in Brisbane on its delivery flight from Seattle via Kona, Nadi, Wellington and Coolangatta. The aircraft was named "Brizzie Lizzie" and entered service to Sydney on 06MAY01.
06MAY01 First Ilyushin IL-86 RA-86125
The first Ilyushin IL-86 to visit Brisbane arrived from Christchurch at 2315 and departed for Darwin on 07MAY01. The aircraft was operated by Eastline Airlines.
07MAY01 Airtrain Commences Operations
A new electric rail link between the Brisbane Airport terminals, the city and the Gold Coast commenced scheduled services.
17MAY01 Ted Wixted Passes Away

The doyen of Australian aviation historians, Ted Wixted, passed away in Brisbane. A world authority on Smithy, Hinkler and their contemporaries, Ted had a close association with Brisbane Airport, having unveiled several plaques and conducted many commemorative ceremonies over the years. Ted will be fondly remembered for his sense of history, his sense of occasion and his passion for his chosen subject.

14SEP01 Ansett Suspended Operations VH-HYC
The last recorded Brisbane movement was Airbus A320 VH-HYC which operated AN2002 positioning crew back to Melbourne. The flight departed at 2055 local.
07OCT01 Ansett Resumed Operations VH-HYB
Airbus A320 VH-HYB operated AN277 to Melbourne at 1830 local. This was the first flight out of Brisbane after operations resumed.
11NOV01 First Boeing 737-8BK for Virgin Blue VH-VOA
The first Virgin Blue Boeing 737-8BK VH-VOA "Blue Belle" was delivered to Brisbane. The aircraft entered service to Melbourne on 14NOV01.
02FEB02 First Boeing 737-838 for Qantas VH-VXA
Qantas' first Boeing 737-838 VH-VXA "Broome" arrived in Brisbane on its delivery flight. The aircraft entered service to Sydney on 05FEB02.
02FEB02 Last Scheduled Ansett Passenger Flight VH-HYC
The last scheduled Ansett passenger service from Brisbane was operated by Airbus A320 VH-HYC as the AN287 to Sydney.
02FEB02 Last Ansett Departure VH-HYG
The last Ansett departure from Brisbane was Airbus A320 VH-HYG which operated AN4047 to Melbourne.
23MAR02 Last Flight West F-28 VH-EWB
Flight West's last F-28 service operated from Townsville to Brisbane as AN5811. This was expected to be the last scheduled F-28 passenger flight by an Australian airline. On arrival in Brisbane the aircraft was given the traditional water cannon salute by the Fire Services.
08NOV18 Runways Renumbered Left and Right
From this day, Brisbane's main runway will be referred to as 01R/19L. Although the parallel runway is not yet operational, clearly its construction has reached a stage where pilots need to be alerted to its existence. (Yes I've come out of retirement to record this important fact)
23MAY20 First Landing on 01L/19R
The first arrival and departure from the new parallel runway 01L/19R was by Piper Twin Comanche VH-SER flown by Nigel Wettenhall of Wettenhall Air Services, Deniliquin NSW. The purpose of the flight was to validate the approach lights on the new runway. Nigel Wettenhall is accredited by CASA to conduct airfield lighting flight checks throughout Australia and the Pacific.
10JUL20 Spitfire Visited
Spitfire XVI VH-XWE flown by Cameron Rolph-Smith departed Archerfield at 12:12 arriving at Brisbane at 12:25 for a photo opportunity on Runway 01L. The aircraft departed at 16:03 for Archerfield where it arrived at 16:11.
12JUL20 Opening of New Parallel Runway 01L/19R
The first official departure from Runway 01L was Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE VH-YFW operating flight VA781 to Cairns flown by Captain John Ridd and F/O Troy Parker. The opening ceremony was a low profile closed event because of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. VH-YFW was required to wait at the 01L holding point until the official speeches concluded. While lining up, the aircraft received the customary water cannon salute. Several warbirds supported the ceremony:

Spitfire XVI VH-XWE flown by Cameron Rolph-Smith.
L-39C Albatross VH-UKR flown by Steve Boyd.
Mustang VH-FST flown by Brad Bishopp.
Wirraway VH-MFW flown by Ross Parker.

The Spitfire, Mustang and Albatross arrived under the callsign "Merlin Formation" while the Wirraway arrived under the callsign "Heritage One". All warbirds departed individually under their registration callsigns.

The Spitfire performed an aerobatic display after which it became the first official arrival on Runway 01L. (Note: The Spitfire visited earlier on 10JUL20, see above.)

News media helicopters in attendance were AS.350BA VH-WMW and AS.350B3 VH-HTV, the latter using the callsign "Media 48".

The first commercial arrival on the new runway was QantasLink DHC-8-400 VH-QOJ operating as QLK2311 from Rockhampton, arriving on 19R at 1424.

Thanks to Mick Raftery for these notes.
15JUL20 Last Qantas Boeing 747
The last Qantas Boeing 747 to visit Brisbane was 747-438ER VH-OEJ "Wunala" which arrived at the Domestic Terminal from Sydney as QF6160 at 0850 to operate a farewell flight over Brisbane as QF747. Coincidentally, the very first scheduled Qantas 747-438 flight from Brisbane departed 29 years earlier to the day on 15JUL91. The aircraft departed from Runway 19L at 1051 performing two orbits over the CBD before heading south to the border before returning via the Sunshine Coast from abeam Caloundra. The aircraft performed a flyby of the tower before landing on Runway 19L at 1201. The aircraft did not return to the terminal but parked at the Qantas maintenance hangars where it was open for inspection by invited guests.

QF747 was operated by:
Captain Mark Kelly
Captain Justin Carter
Captain Owen Weaver
First Officer Peter Ferguson
Second Officer Bree Linton

The aeroplane returned empty to Sydney as QF6161 departing from Runway 19L at 1700 arriving in Sydney at 1808. VH-OEJ was the last Boeing 747 delivered to Qantas and the last remaining in the Qantas fleet. It was scheduled to depart Sydney on 22JUL20 for desert storage and disposal in the US.
15JUL20 First Military Aircraft to use the new Runway
The first military aircraft to use the new runway (and cross the tunnel) was RAAF KC-30 A39-004 ‘ASY562’ which arrived from Hickham AFB, Hawaii at 1540. Thanks to Mick Raftery for these notes.






Although the last event recorded on this page happened in 2002, this website is not abandoned! When the author retired in 1999, it was intended that "Squawk Ident" would continue to record significant events at Brisbane Airport. Unfortunately, for various reasons, this has not been practicable. Accordingly, I have decided that this site will not attempt to cover events beyond March 2002. However, some events within the period 1925 to 2002 may be retrospectively added or updated if further information becomes available. It should be remembered that the majority of events recorded by "Squawk Ident" resulted from personal observations by the author. Without a first-hand presence at the airport, it has not been possible to record events with the same degree of accuracy that historical records demand. It is hoped that "Squawk Ident" continues to be a useful historical resource and for this reason the site will be maintained indefinitely.



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