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14MAR22 Added further information on the last flights at the old igloo International Terminal and the first flights at the Temporary International Terminal at Boronia Road.
31AUG20 Added four aerial views of Brisbane Airport over the years thanks to John Wilson.


25MAR72 looking West

25MAR72 looking North


21JUL20 The last flight to depart the Temporary International Terminal at Boronia Road was Boeing 737-376 VH-TJC operating Solair flight IE701 to HIR with 114 passengers. The registration of the aircraft was previously shown as subject to confirmation. This confirmation has come from Captain Maurice Ritchie who was in command of the flight. After 1.4 hours airborne, the aircraft turned back with a technical issue. The aircraft departed again for HIR at 2011 local. Thanks to Maurice Ritchie for a definitive resolution of this event.
19JUL20 Added coverage of the last Qantas Boeing 747 flight out of Brisbane.
19JUL20 Added coverage of the opening of the new parallel Runway 01L/19R. Thanks to Mick Raftery.
15SEP15 Added further details of the former Ansett Short Sandringham which sank while under tow to the Gold Coast. Thanks to Peter Cokley for the Trove link.
05SEP15 Added a significant amount of material on early operations at Eagle Farm during the period 1925-1931, the move to Archerfield and the post-war move from Archerfield back to Eagle Farm. For this material I thank Peter Cokley who has made excellent use of the National Library's online newspaper archive Trove.

Once again the late Ted Wixted has provided for us, enabling me to add two references to the first powered flights in Brisbane in 1912.
First powered flight in Brisbane (1912).
Second powered flight in Brisbane (1912).
Opening of Eagle Farm Aerodrome.
QANTAS Brisbane Flying School opened at Eagle Farm.
Eagle Farm Aerodrome closed. Read the entire article here
Inaugural ANA DC-4 service to Brisbane landed at Eagle Farm.
Aim for early release of Eagle Farm from the USAAF.
Airlines' growth beating plans for Eagle Farm.
Governor-General arrived in Avro York MV140 "Endeavour".
TAA scheduled to commence operations from Eagle Farm.
American base at Eagle Farm closing.
Alarm over DC-4 night training flights.
Move from Archerfield to Eagle Farm underway.
USAAF base at Eagle Farm closed.
Eagle Farm handed over to the Australian Government.
Pan American DC-4 diverted to Brisbane after engine failure.
First flight of a horse from Melbourne to Brisbane (by Bristol Freighter)
Tailwinds produce record time for Melbourne-Brisbane flight by TAA DC-4.
ANA DC-4 test landing at Archerfield.
ANA DC-4 operations moved back to Archerfield.
Eagle Farm doubles usual movements.
Last heavy departure from Archerfield.
12FEB15 Added a reference to an East-West Airlines Lockheed Hudson suffering a partial undercarriage collapse.
06FEB15 Added three new images to the page on Eagle Farm Aerodrome.

Eagle Farm in 1965 Thanks to Phil Vabre of the CAHS

Eagle Farm in 1965 Thanks to Phil Vabre of the CAHS

Runway 22 threshold in July 1969
06DEC14 All images on the site have been refreshed and many new images have been added. The Gallery page has been revised to show thumbnails of all images.
27NOV14 When Brisbane was struck by a severe storm on 27NOV14 it was stated that it was the worst storm since 1985. As the 1985 storm struck Brisbane Airport causing significant damage, this event has been added to the chronology.
14NOV14 Added a new page on the history of Eagle Farm Aerodrome.
14NOV14 Added a reference to a fire in the TAA Terminal at Eagle Farm.
05NOV14 Added a table to the top of the Index page listing the changeover dates for Brisbane's three International Terminals and two Domestic Terminals.
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07FEB08 The "Southern Cross" Memorial was opened at Eagle Farm. (Date sourced from "Flypast" by Parnell & Boughton)
09DEC06 First Ilyushin IL-18 (originally thought to have been on 08OCT92 but now corrected thanks to David Thollar).
30SEP04 Important Notice
30SEP04 The entry describing the arrival of the first Empire flying boat has been corrected and updated.
24MAR02 Last Flight West F-28
24MAR02 Last Ansett departure
24MAR02 Last scheduled Ansett passenger flight
24MAR02 First B737-800 for Qantas
24MAR02 First B737-800 for Virgin Blue
24MAR02 Ansett resumed operations
24MAR02 Ansett suspended operations
26MAY01 First Virgin Blue B737-700
26MAY01 First IL-86
26MAY01 Airtrain commenced operations
26MAY01 Ted Wixted passed away
11MAY01 All of the images have been rescanned and increased in size.
01NOV00 "Squawk Ident" has undergone a major update. The "Frames" version has been laid to rest and replaced with a new main menu. The most significant change is on the "Index" page which now has greatly enhanced functionality. The dates are now linked to the relevant event on the chronology pages and an alphabetical menu now appears at the top of the index. Each section of the index also has an "Up" arrow to speed return to the top of the index to facilitate further selections. Event dates on this "Updates" page are also linked to the chronology pages.
29OCT00 British Airways LRS
29OCT00 First British Airways TriStar
02SEP00 Global Air Leasing B747SP arrived
02SEP00 Virgin Express B737 arrived
02SEP00 Virgin Blue promotional flight
02SEP00 Impulse Airlines FRS B717
02SEP00 Virgin Blue FRS
16SEP99 Air Pacific First Boeing 737-800
16SEP99 EVA Air First Boeing 747-400
24MAY99 Burnett Airways Navajo Undercarriage Collapsed
09FEB99 First Freedom (TEA) B737 (was previously recorded as 05APR97)
09FEB99 "Last" Singapore Airlines B747-400. Was a seasonal substitution of no real significance.
09FEB99 First Norfolk Jet Express Service.
09FEB99 First Flight West Service BNE/NLK.
08FEB99 First B737-700
08FEB99 Last Freedom (TACA) B737

The following additions were contributed by John Wilson.

09FEB99 First Qantas Short C Class to U.K.
09FEB99 First TAA Convair 240 "Rocket Service" MEL/BNE
09FEB99 First Ansett Convair 340
09FEB99 Last Qantas Sandringham Service - corrected date
09FEB99 First QAL F-27 Service
09FEB99 Ansett-ANA Viscount Burst Tyres on Landing
09FEB99 First Ansett-ANA DC-6B to PNG
09FEB99 Ansett-ANA F-27 Ran Off Runway
09FEB99 Ansett-ANA DC-4 Struck Approach Lights
09FEB99 Ansett-ANA Sikorsky S-61N Christened
09FEB99 Last QAL DC-3 Flight
09FEB99 Last QAL Flight
09FEB99 Ansett-ANA Viscount Nosewheel Collapse
09FEB99 DHC-6 Twin Otters Delivered to TAA
09FEB99 Ansett-ANA DC-9 Bullet Hole in Tail
09FEB99 Air Queensland Commenced ATR-42 Operations
09FEB99 TAA DC-9 Collided with Fuel Truck
09FEB99 Last Air Queensland Flight
09FEB99 Ansett BAe 146-200QT Entered Service
09FEB99 First Compass/Southern Cross Flight

Thanks to John Wilson for the preceding additions.