The vast majority of the events recorded in these pages are based on personal observations by the author. In addition to the author's collection of newspaper cuttings, the following references were used to supplement these observations:

  • Aviation Heritage
    The Journal of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia provided many useful references. In particular, John Wilson's definitive study of flying boat operations from the Brisbane River and from Redland Bay was especially valuable. If you are fascinated by the thought of flying boats on the Brisbane River, write to AHSA and ask to purchase a copy of the September 1997 Aviation Heritage (Vol 28 No 4). You won't find a better, more readable reference anywhere. Better still, ask to join.

  • Armchair Aviation
    Noel Oxlade's newsletter provided much useful information particularly in relation to Compass.

  • Flypast (AGPS)
    Trevor Boughton and Neville Parnell's definitive study of aviation in Australia is a must for any student of Australia's aviation history.

  • The North-West Aerial Frontier
    This and other works by Ted Wixted, doyen of Australian aviation historians and world authority on Smithy, Hinkler et al.

  • Queensland Airfields WW2 - 50 Years On
    Roger Marks' in-depth study of Queensland's wartime airfields is fascinating reading, particularly in relation to the significant role Eagle Farm played in WW2.

  • Qantas Commemorative Airmails
    Peter Turner's privately published "detailed catalogue of Qantas aerophilately" was a useful source of many Qantas "firsts".

I extend my thanks to all of these authors and to the many airline representatives who checked their files for the ones I missed.