Eagle Farm aerodrome had two entrances, both of which were to the left off Lamington Avenue which ran off Nudgee Road parallel with the railway line. Most people used the second entrance, Memorial Avenue, which had a service station on the corner. On the left was the Kingsford Smith Memorial and on the right were DCA offices which included the Flight Briefing Office and a fondly remembered canteen. A right turn off the very short Memorial Avenue was Terminal Drive which led, naturally enough, to the igloo terminals which had very limited car parking spaces. Airport workers and schoolboy photographers on bicycles would always take the first entrance, Western Avenue, which led to a larger car park which adjoined the western apron. This was the magical location where schoolboy photographers on bicycles were sometimes rewarded with truly wondrous sights like this visiting United States Navy Lockheed Super Constellation. Technically an NC-121K Bu No 145925, this Connie was operated by Project Magnet to study the earth's magnetic field. The aircraft was adorned with the Warner Bros. Roadrunner cartoon character and carried the name Paisano Dos (Spanish for Friend #2). Photo: Prinzcolor transparency by Ron Cuskelly (A099)

Whilst the Connie was most memorable, Prinzcolor film was not, but it was affordable by schoolboy photographers on bicycles!

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