Adastra Aerial Surveys Lockheed Hudson VH-AGX with Hangar 3A in the background. Beyond Hangar 3A is the full length Hangar 3 which served as the Ansett-ANA freight terminal. The brick structure to the right of the picture is the Kingsford Smith Memorial which housed the Fokker F.VIIb/3m Southern Cross. In those days, the only thing separating the public from the movement area was the chainlink fence at extreme right. Note particularly the internal bracing of the fence. The photographer likes to remember these as "Beatle Braces" as they were installed after screaming fans flattened the fence during the Beatles' visit to Brisbane in June 1964. The port Wright Cyclone of VH-AGX is covered by more than the usual amount of oil and indeed the engine was subsequently changed. This photograph was taken on 24 September 1966 which, ironically, is the same day that another Adastra Hudson, VH-AGE, was destroyed in a fatal crash at Tennant Creek. Photo: Ilford colour transparency by Ron Cuskelly (A190)