This aerial view of the TAA apron was taken on 18 November 1971. Not only can photographer Wal Nelowkin tell us exactly when it was taken but he can also tell us the identity of the camera aircraft! The photo was taken during the post-assembly test flight of Army Kiowa A17-003 which was assembled at the nearby Bell Helicopter facility. At extreme right is the Ansett terminal with the International Terminal towards the centre of the image. The Boeing 727 is parked on the International apron which was a common occurrence as the old Eagle Farm site struggled to meet demand. At extreme left is the TAA terminal - or rather what is left of it! The original wartime igloo (Hangar 6) which comprised the TAA terminal was destroyed by fire on 5 September 1971. What remained of the building was demolished in November, probably not long before this photo was taken. The building had been situated on the vacant area to the right of the structure marked Trans-Australia Airlines. The fire was mentioned at the subsequent TAA staff Christmas party with one of the TAA managers stating: "The police are looking for the person who lit the fire. We are looking for the person who called the fire brigade!"Photo: Wal Nelowkin