This map of Eagle Farm shows only domestic terminals on the site so it evidently dates from post December 1975 when the Temporary International Terminal was opened on Boronia Road. The Kingsford Smith Memorial housing the Southern Cross was situated at Location 1. The area of hardstand at Location 2 was where one would find any interesting visiting aircraft. Location 3 was the General Aviation parking area which was grassed. Note the close proximity of Doomben and Eagle Farm Racecourses. Always a source of confusion, the racecourse closest to Eagle Farm Aerodrome was Doomben, not Eagle Farm as might be expected! Television coverage of the Saturday races at Doomben would usually show aircraft in the background and in those pre-Internet days this was often an aviation enthusiast's first indication that something interesting was in town.
Source: UBD Gregorys


Eagle Farm Runways
Runway Metres Feet
04/22 2,365 x 60 7,760 x 197
13/31 1,539 x 30 5,049 x 98