Eagle Farm Aerodrome circa 1944


All of the hangars shown on this plan were used postwar as follows:
Hangar 1 DCA Workshops
Hangar 2 TAA Ground Equipment
Hangar 3A Ansett Airways, later Westernair
Hangar 3 Ansett-ANA Freight & Ground Equipment
Hangar 4 Ansett-ANA Terminal
Hangar 5 International Terminal
Hangar 6 TAA Terminal
Hangar 7 TAA Maintenance & Catering, later TAA Freight & Catering
Hangar 8 TAA Maintenance, later extended. Qantas Engineering & Cabin Services occupied space on the northern side of the extended Hangar 8.
Subsequently, an additional three igloos were erected between Hangars 6 & 7:
Hangar ? TAA Freight, later DCA Flying Unit
Hangar 9 Ansett-ANA Maintenance
Hangar 10 Ansett-ANA Maintenance
In the sixties, TAA erected an additional hangar east of H8 adjacent to the Ford plant. Identified as Hangar 12, it was more commonly known as "The Boeing Hangar".
Note the truncated so-called "Straight Six" at the adjoining Doomben Racecourse. This six furlong (1207 metre) track was resumed during the wartime redevelopment of Eagle Farm. The racecourse itself became a tent city known as Camp Doomben during the war.
The SW/NE runway was later extended to the north-east and shortened at the south-west end to become Eagle Farm's Main Runway 04/22.
The WSW/ENE runway was later eliminated.
The SE/NW runway was retained as Runway 13/31.


Map Source: National Archives of Australia

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