This remarkable aerial view of the Ansett apron was taken on 18 November 1971. Not only can photographer Wal Nelowkin tell us exactly when it was taken but he can also tell us the identity of the camera aircraft! The photo was taken during the post-assembly test flight of Army Kiowa A17-003 which was assembled at the nearby Bell Helicopter facility. DC-9 VH-CZF in the foreground still carries the original Ansett-ANA livery in which it was delivered. The other DC-9, VH-CZI, has been repainted in the new Ansett livery. Ansett-ANA became Ansett Airlines of Australia on 1 November 1968 and the terminal has been rebranded accordingly. The long grey building in the background was occupied by the Department of Civil Aviation. The Flight Briefing office was located through the double doors at the right of the building. The hangar at extreme right is the Ansett Freight terminal. Photo: Wal Nelowkin